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Definition: Novell certification

Novell provides certification for technical competence with self-study tests and courses given at National Authorized Education Centers (NAECs). The earlier Enterprise CNE (ECNE), which included WAN expertise, was replaced with the Master CNE, which itself expires in mid-2007. Once a certification can no longer be obtained, people who have successfully completed the exams will not be stripped of that title.

Following are the Novell certifications, which used to be known as NetWare certifications. For example, a CNA used to be a Certified NetWare Administrator. For more information, visit www.novell.com/training/certinfo. See certification.

  CNA (Certified Novell Administrator)
  CNE (Certified Novell Engineer)
  CDE (Certified Directory Engineer)
  CNI (Certified Novell Instructor)
  CLE (Certified Linux Engineer)
  CLP (Certified Linux Professional)
  NAI (Novell Academic Instructor)