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Definition: Galaxy Note

A family of popular Android-based smartphones and tablets from Samsung. The Note smartphone is Samsung's flagship phone, which was introduced in 2011 with a stylus for drawing and handwriting. Based on the Wacom digitizer tablet interface, the "S Pen" can also be used for tapping icons and menus. See Note Edge.

Likely Discontinued
There may or may not be a Note 21. The Galaxy S21 models are very close in performance to the Note 20. The S21 Ultra even supports the S Pen and has the same 108MP camera with a slightly higher screen resolution. See Galaxy S.

There Are Also Note Tablets
Starting in 2012, Samsung released tablets with a stylus under the Galaxy Note brand and screen size, such as Note 8.0, Note 10.1 and Note 12.2. Therefore, depending on model number, a Galaxy Note can be a smartphone or tablet.

                                Max Storage
       Screen  Weight               (GB)
 Model   Size  (oz.) Resolution  Int.  Ext**

 Note 20 Ultra
          6.9"   7.3  3088x1440  512  1024
 Note 20  6.7"   6.8  2400x1080  256  ---

 Note 5G  6.8"   6.9  3040x1440  512  1024
 Note 10+ 6.8"   6.9  3040x1440  512  1024
 Note 10  6.3"   5.9  2280x1080  256   ---
 Note 9   6.4"   7.1  2960x1440  512   512
 Note 8   6.3"   6.9  2960x1440  256   512
 Note 7   5.7"   6.7  2960x1440   64   256
 Note 6   Never made
 Note 5   5.7"   6.0  2960x1440  128   ---
 Note 4   5.7"   6.2  2960x1440   32   256
 Note 3   5.7"   5.9  1920x1080   64    64
 Note II  5.5"   6.5  1280x720    64    64
 Note     5.3"   6.3  1280x800    32    64

 ** microSD External storage

Note 20, 20 Ultra (August 2020)
Both models support 8K video plus all the 5G frequency bands in the U.S. as of 2020. Both models have triple cameras, including the same front camera. The Ultra has a 108MP wide-angle rear camera compared to 12MP for the Note 20. The Ultra has more camera settings such as hyperlapse and still shots from video. See hyperlapse.

Note 10, 10+ and 10+ 5G - (August 2019)
The previous Note family added its first 5G phone (Galaxy Note 10+ 5G). The fingerprint scanner is in the screen, and the headphones jack was eliminated. A triple-lens rear camer with 4K and HDR support is included.

Note 9 - (April 2018)
With a slimmer bezel, the screen is only a fraction larger than the Note 8. The battery jumped from 3,300 to 4,000 mAh (see ampere-hour), and internal storage doubled. The fingerprint sensor was moved below the camera module, correcting the awkward placement on the Note 8. The stylus was Bluetooth enabled for presentations and picture taking by remote control.

Note 8 - (April 2017)
The Note 8 is like a Galaxy S8+ with a stylus. The Note 8 featured dual SIM cards and dual cameras, the latter with telephoto lens, 2x optical zoom, f1.7 aperture and adjustable background focus (see bokeh).

Note 7 - (April 2016) - Awful Flaw
The Note 7 superseded the Note 5 (there was no 6), but the 7 was a failure. Batteries would occasionally explode or burn while charging, and several airlines banned their use. Samsung initiated a global recall; however, after replacement units had problems, Samsung ceased production in October 2016.

The S Pen Difference
What sets the Note line apart is the S Pen, which is used to draw, write and annotate on the screen. (Image courtesy of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd., www.samsung.com)

The Note Influenced Other Phone Makers
The large screens on early Notes and other Galaxy models quickly became popular and induced Apple to offer its first phablet-sized device in 2014 (see iPhone 6).

The Wrap-Around Edge
The Note Edge added rotating toolbars on a novel, curved screen (see Note Edge). (Image courtesy of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd., www.samsung.com)