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Definition: Netflix

A DVD rental and Internet-based video-on-demand service from Netflix, Los Gatos, CA (www.netflix.com). For a monthly fee based on service level, DVD and Blu-ray rentals are ordered online, and Netflix mails the discs within the U.S. with a postage paid return envelope. It also streams DVD-quality video to customers with Internet access. Founded in 1997, Netflix shipped its billionth DVD in 2007.

Netflix Hardware
In 2008, Roku was the first company to offer a dedicated Netflix set-top box that connects the TV to the home network for video streaming. Subsequently, Netflix streaming has been built into other set-top boxes such as Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV, as well as Blu-ray players and the TV sets themselves. Since the demise of physical discs has been long predicted, Netflix ("network movies") was a fitting name for the service. See Hulu, VUDU, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV and smart TV.