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Definition: OpenMoko

(OPEN MObile Communications) A Linux-based operating system designed for a mobile environment. Unlike other mobile operating systems, which are geared to phone and related applications, OpenMoko is a fully functioning operating system that can be programmed for any function. Including GPS as part of its core features and initially targeted at GSM cellphones, the first OpenMoko phone was the Neo1973, introduced in mid-2007.

The "ko" in Moko stands for "Kommunikation," the German word for communication, but the "Moko" is also a play on Motorola's "Moto" branding. For more information about the OpenMoko open source community, visit www.openmoko.org. For more about the Neo1973 phone, visit www.openmoko.com.

Neo1973 OpenMoko Phone
Introduced in 2007, the touchscreen Neo1973 was the first OpenMoko phone released to the developer community. Made by Taiwan-based First International Computer, Inc. (FIC), the major sponsor of OpenMoko, the OpenMoko project within the company was turned into OpenMoko, Inc. (Image courtesy of OpenMoko, Inc., www.openmoko.com)