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Definition: MoCA

(Multimedia Over Coax Alliance) An IP-over-coaxial cable technology from the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (www.mocalliance.org). Since the cable from the cable company is wired into every room in the house with a TV set, the connections are already in place. For example, MoCA is used to transfer recorded programs between multi-room DVRs (record in one room; play back in another).

Ethernet to Coax
Ethernet-based devices plug into the coax network with a MoCA "network adapter" or "bridge." The signals operate at 1 GHz and above; higher than the frequency bands used by the cable company's TV channels and Internet service. Filters are used at the service entrance to prevent interference between MoCA signals and the cable plant.

A Solution for Weak Signals
MoCA solves the problem of weak Wi-Fi on different floors in the home. These WiPNET bridges from Wi3 install into a wall box. The external coax jack at the bottom is for the initial hookup to the cable modem, which connects to the router that plugs right back into the WiPNET. (Image courtesy of Wi3 Inc., www.wi3inc.com)