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Definition: Mimblewimble

Pronounced "mim-bul-wim-bul," Mimblewimble is a blockchain protocol that features anonymous transactions. The name comes from a Harry Potter curse that tied people's tongues in a knot to prevent them from casting a spell. In 2016, the Mimblewimble protocol was published by a pseudonymous developer named Tom Elvis Jedusor in the Bitcoin Wizards IRC channel.

Using a combination of cryptographic algorithms, the public addresses of both sender and receiver are concealed on a Mimblewimble blockchain. In addition, the coin balance may also be concealed. MimbleWimbleCoin is the native crypto. In 2017, the Grin and Beam blockchains were launched using Mimblewimble. Litecoin is upgrading to Mimblewimble in late 2021. See crypto glossary.