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Definition: Surface Pen

A stylus from Microsoft for its line of portable Surface products (tablet, laptop, etc.). Paired to the device via Bluetooth, the Surface Pen is used to take notes, draw and paint on any Surface touchscreen. With 4,096 pressure points, the Pen responds like a paintbrush. It also supports palm rejection, which allows users to rest their hand on the screen for comfort. See Surface tablet, Surface Book and Surface Studio. See also Apple Pencil.

Painting With the Pen
The Surface Pen can be used in any application that supports Windows Ink. The Pen attaches to the side of the screen by magnet, and clicking its eraser button opens Windows Ink Workspaces for Sticky Notes, a Sketchpad or a Screen sketch, the latter for capturing the current screen and annotating it. See Windows Ink. (Images courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)