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Definition: Meta Portal

A videophone, music player and virtual assistant from Meta Platforms. Introduced in 2018, Portal models communicate via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other callng services, and the camera follows callers within a 140 degree periphery. Portal also automatically zooms in and out (see Ken Burns effect), and Amazon's Alexa is built in. In 2019, a set-top box was added, allowing people to use their TV's screen and speakers.

Current models are updated versions of the original 10" Portal and flagship Portal Plus, along with the TV adapter and battery-operated Portal Go. See smart display and Facebook.

Original Two Models (2018)
In 2021, the 10" model (left) was updated, and the flagship Plus (right) was switched to landscape mode with a smaller screen (from 15.6" to 14"). Although the original Plus was rotatable, the new model can be tilted. (Images courtesy of Meta Platforms, Inc.)