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Definition: Memjet

An inkjet print head technology from Silverbrook Research, Sydney, Australia (www.silverbrookresearch.com) that provides higher resolution and speed than traditional inkjet printers. The stationary Memjet head spans the entire width of the page. Only the paper is moved and not the print head, which decreases print time to as little as 15% of moving cartridge methods.

Tiny Nozzles Are the Key
Manufactured using MEMS technology and hence the name, the tiny Memjet ink nozzles yield 1600 dpi rather than 600 or 1200 dpi. A letter-sized printer with a Memjet print head contains more than 70,000 nozzles, compared to some 6,000 in a moving head. Officially announced in early 2007 with products emerging in 2011, Memjet print heads are usable in all printer categories, including home and office, label printing and photo printing. For more information, visit www.memjet.com. See MEMS.

Inkjet Comparison
In a Memjet printer, only the paper moves and not the print head, dramatically increasing print speed over traditional moving cartridges.