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Definition: MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is the top line of MacBook laptops, introduced in 2006. The MacBook Pro was the first Mac laptop to use Intel CPUs and the first laptop to use the Thunderbolt interface in 2011 (see Thunderbolt). Top Pro models had 17" screens until 2012; then down to 15" but up again to 16" in late 2019.

In 2016, the fourth-generation Pro model included a touchscreen toolbar in place of physical function keys. The touch keys switch to different menus, icons and sliders depending on the running application. The Touch Bar also includes Apple's Touch ID for Apple Pay and logins. In 2019, the non-Touch Bar Pro was discontinued. See MacBook.


                     SSD    Max
           Screen  Storage  RAM  Weight
           Size     (GB)    (GB)  (lbs)

 Pro TB*    16"   512-8192   64   4.3
 Pro TB*    13"   256-4096   32   3.1

 * Touch Bar

The Pro Touch Bar
The Pro line includes a touch toolbar in place of function keys. Very innovative, an application can display essential functions for the currently running process. F1-F10 keys can also be simulated, and in some apps, users can configure their own keys. (Images courtesy of Apple Inc.)