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Definition: MacBook Air

Launched in 2008, the MacBook Air is Apple's lightest, thinnest laptop. In 2023, a 15" model debuted, which is the largest screen ever on an Air laptop. A year later, the Air debuted with Apple's M3 chip, giving it a huge boost in horsepower. In addition, an M3-based Air supports two external monitors, making it a more versatile desktop computer and still be very lightweight for traveling. In addition, the M3 chip includes a 16-core neural processing unit (NPU) enabling it to compete in today's world of AI processing. See MacBook.

Thin Is In!
MacBook Air models are about as thin as a laptop computer can be. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)


                            Max   Max
     Screen      Max Cores  SSD   RAM  Weight
      Size   CPU   CPU/GPU  (TB)  (GB)  (lbs)

 Air  15.3"  M3       8/10   2     24   3.3
 Air  13.6"  M3       8/10   2     24   2.7
 Air  13.6"  M3       8/10   2     24   2.7
 Air  13.6"  M3       8/8    2     24   2.7

 Air  13.6"  M2       8/10   2     24   2.7