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Definition: MSW Cut-copy-paste

Text can be moved around easily in Word. To move a sentence or section of text to a different location in a document, highlight the text and select Edit/Cut, then go to the new location and select Edit/Paste. To copy a selection, select Edit/Copy instead of Edit/Cut.

The Word 97 Clipboard Is Monogamous
When text is cut in Word 97, it is removed from the original location and placed temporarily in the clipboard, but the clipboard holds only one selection. When you cut or copy the next time, the new selection is placed into the clipboard, and the previous selection is lost. So when you cut something from your document, be sure to paste it somewhere before you cut or copy again. But, you can paste the same selection into as many places or as many documents as you wish as long as you do not cut or copy something else.

The Word 2000 Clipboard Holds 12 Selections
Word 2000 can hold up to 12 selections that have been cut or copied. The only unfortunate thing is that you have to remember the sequence. When you cut or copy something in Word 2000, the following clipboard dialog box will be displayed.

Word 2000 Clipboard
Each time you cut or copy something, a document icon is added to this clipboard dialog. To paste a selection, click the appropriate icon, but you have to remember which is which.

Word 2000 Clipboard Options
You can paste the entire sequence of selections into your document by clicking the Paste All button. To clear the entire clipboard, click the Delete All button.

Quick Tip!
Use the right mouse button. After highlighting the text, click the right mouse button and select Copy, Cut or Paste from the menu that appears.

Button/Keyboard Tip!
Click these buttons on the Word toolbar to cut, copy and paste. Or, press Ctrl-X (cut), Ctrl-C (copy) and Ctrl-V (paste) on the keyboard.