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Definition: MSW Inserting Graphics

To place a graphic image in Word, select Insert/Picture/From File and then select the graphics file. You cannot edit or crop the image after it has been placed in Word. All editing must be done by an image editor or illustration program beforehand.

Resize and Align
You can resize the graphic image proportionally by dragging the handle (tiny square) on one corner of the graphic. You can also resize it horizontally or vertically by dragging the center handle on the top, bottom or side. To center the image or change its alignment, use one of the alignment buttons on the Word toolbar.

Add Arrows and Other Shapes
Word comes with a number of arrows and other images you can use to enhance your documents. To pick one, select Insert/Pictures/AutoShapes. Click the shape you want, then click on the page and drag the mouse to locate and size the picture at the same time. To keep the proportions the same, hold the Shift key down while dragging.

There are several menus to choose from. Clicking the Arrow button at the top displays the selection of arrows below.