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Definition: MSW Tables

Tables are rows and columns of text and numbers that are created as an independent entity with borders, colors and special presentation effects. They can be moved around the document and resized as you would resize other textual elements on the page.

To create a table, select Table/Insert Table. Click the AutoFormat button and choose the style of the table. Then select the number of rows and columns required (you can always add or delete rows and columns later).

Sample Tables
Word has numerous table styles already set up. You are certain to find one you like.

Quick and Dirty Table
If you don't need a fancy table, you can create one very quickly by clicking the Table button and dragging the cursor down and over until the number of rows and columns have been selected. Each square in the table is called a "cell."

Typing In Your Text
Click into a cell and type in text as you normally would. To move from cell to cell, use the Tab key. To go backwards, press Shift-Tab. Changing fonts and text alignment is done just like you do with regular text in the body of the document.

Inserting and Deleting Columns
To insert a new column, place the cursor over the top of the column to the right of where you want the new column to appear. When the cursor changes to a small, solid black arrow that points straight down, click the mouse to highlight the column. Then right click the mouse and select Insert Column. A new column will appear to the left of the current column.

To delete a column, follow the same process, but select Delete Column instead.

Inserting and Deleting Rows
To insert a new row, move the cursor to the left of the row you want to insert above. The cursor will change to a large, outlined arrow that points northeast. Right click and select Insert Row. A new row will be inserted above that row.

To delete a row, follow the same process but select Delete Row.

Add a Row at the End
If you press Tab when you are in the last cell at the bottom right of the table, a new row will be created.

Change Height and Width
You can change height and width of cells by dragging the horizontal and vertical lines to a new location.