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Definition: MPC

(1) (Mobile PC) A handheld or laptop computer. See handheld computer, laptop and Ultra-Mobile PC.

(2) (MultiPath Channel) See multipath.

(3) (Multimedia PC) Earlier hardware requirements from the Software Publishers Association for PCs. In order to use the MPC logo, vendors had to ensure their systems met certain requirements, all laughable by today's standards. For example, in 1991, the minimum memory for Level 1 was 3MB and only 4MB two years later. In 1997, Dell was the first to be Level 3 certified, the requirements for which are outlined below.

   MPC Level 3 (1996)

   RAM:  8MB
   Processor:  75 MHz Pentium
   Input:  2-button mouse, 101 key keyboard
   Hard disk:  540MB
   CD-ROM:  4x, 250 ms, CD-ROM XA multisession
   Sound:  16-bit, wavetable MIDI playback
   Graphics performance:  color space conversion
      and scaling, direct access to frame buffer
   Video playback:  OM1-compliant MPEG1 in
      hardware or software.