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Definition: MIF

(1) (Maker Interchange Format) An alternate file format for a FrameMaker document. A MIF file is ASCII text, which can be created in another program and imported into FrameMaker.

(2) (Management Information File) A DMI file format that describes a hardware or software component used in a PC. It can contain data, code or both. See DMI.

(3) (Machine Interface Format) A proprietary language for configuring Ascend networking devices. Instead of setting up via menus one option at a time, a MIF file can be created with all the changes and uploaded to the unit.

(4) (Multiple Image Facility) The management of ESCON and FICON mainframe channels so that multiple LPARs (Logical PARtitions) may share it concurrently. See ESCON, FICON and LPAR.