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Definition: M

(1) See mega, em and Facebook M.

(2) (Mobile-) An "m" prefix, with or without the dash, may be attached to words that imply mobile or wireless operation. See m-business and m-commerce.

(3) Formerly known as MUMPS, M is a high-level programming language and integrated database that is widely used in the healthcare field. Its extensive string handling capabilities make it suitable for storing vast amounts of free text. It was originally developed in 1966 at Massachusetts General Hospital as the Massachusetts Utility MultiProgramming System. The MUMPS Development Committee has maintained the language since 1973, and it became an ANSI standard in 1977.

Unique Features
M includes the ability to store both data and program statements in its database, a fundamental property of object-oriented programming. In addition, formulas written in a program can be stored and used by other programs. See M Technology Resource Center, MIIS and MEDITECH.

The following M example converts Fahrenheit to Celsius:

   read "Enter Fahrenheit ", FAHR
   set CENT = (FAHR-32) * 5/9
   write "Celsius is ", CENT