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Definition: Lion

(1) (LiOn) See lithium ion.

(2) (L10N) (L-ocalizatio-N) See l10n.

(3) Version 10.7 of the Mac OS X operating system. Introduced in 2011, Lion was a major upgrade with numerous enhancements as well as iPad-like features. For example, apps could be run from an icon grid like Apple's iDevices (see Launchpad). Apps could display full screen, and they could resume where the user left off when re-opened.

Applications automatically saved their data without user intervention, and the Mac's Exposé thumbnails of open windows and Spaces desktops were combined into one Mission Control function. The Mail app was redesigned like the iPad version, and new gestures were added to the trackpad. Befuddling users at first, the mouse scroll wheel direction was reversed to emulate trackpad movement.

No More DVD Installation
Lion was the first Mac OS version from Apple that was no longer offered via optical disc. Lion was available as a download or on a USB drive. See Mac OS X.

A Mac and an iPad
Along with many new features, Lion provided an icon grid for launching apps like the iPad (see Launchpad). (Image courtesy of Apple, Inc.)