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Definition: Internet refrigerator

A household refrigerator with a built-in computer for Web browsing and appliance control. In 2001, LG introduced the first Internet refrigerator. Although it did not take the world by storm, subsequent models have been introduced worldwide by LG and other manufacturers.

High-Tech Appliances
Household appliances have always been a target for the latest high-tech phenomenon. The LG Internet refrigerator (top) was introduced in 2001 with a built-in computer. (Image courtesy of LG Electronics, www.lg.com)

Long Before the Internet
In the mid-1930s, Crosley offered its Shelvador refrigerator with a built-in radio, the latest high-tech device of the era. The Shelvador model was also avant-garde as it had "shelves in the door!" (Equipment courtesy of Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut, www.vrcmct.org)