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Definition: ICCP

(1) (Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals, Des Plaines, IL, www.iccp.org). An organization founded in 1973 that offers industry certification and worldwide test centers. The Associate Computer Professional (ACP) exam is open to all, but the Certified Computing Professional (CCP) requires four years of experience, although academic credit may substitute for two.

The CCP combines the former Certified Computer Programmer (CCP), Certified Data Processor (CDP) and Certified Systems Professional (CSP).

(2) (Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol) An application layer 7 protocol for data exchange between utility companies over wide area networks (WANs), typically IP networks. Also known as the international IEC Telecontrol Application Service Element 2 (TASE2) standard, ICCP provides transactions for queries, monitoring, data transfer, scheduling and remote control between clients and servers. See DNP3.