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Definition: IPS

(1) See also ISP.

(2) See indoor positioning system.

(3) (Inches Per Second) The measurement of the speed of tape passing by a read/write head or paper passing through a pen plotter.

(4) (Intrusion Prevention System) Software that prevents an attack on a network or computer system. It is a significant step beyond an intrusion detection system (IDS). Whereas an IDS passively monitors traffic by sniffing packets at a switch port, an IPS resides inline like a firewall, intercepting and forwarding packets. It is thus capable of blocking the attack in real time. See IDS.

(5) (In-Plane Switching) An LCD technology that provides better color reproduction and greater viewing angles than twisted nematic (TN) screens. See IPS panel.

(6) (Instructions Per Second) Refers to the number of software instructions executed in one second. The first transistorized computers executed 5,000 IPS, but today billions are executed. See MIPS.

It Takes Billions of IPS
Self-driving cars have to plot everything around them, and it takes many billions of instructions to coordinate that. This scene shows all the objects being recognized at the moment (captured from an extremely educational Ted Talk by Chris Urmson, head of Google's driverless car program in 2015).