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Definition: IPCONFIG

(Internet Protocol CONFIGuration) A command line utility that is used to display and manage the IP address assigned to the machine. In Windows, typing ipconfig without any parameters displays the computer's currently assigned IP, subnet mask and default gateway addresses.

In the Mac, ipconfig getifaddr en0 and ipconfig getifaddr en1 display the Wi-Fi and Ethernet IP addresses respectively (getifaddr stands for Get Interface Address). See IFCONFIG, NSLOOKUP and netstat.


 Reporting      Displays

 no switch      IP, subnet mask & default
                 gateway addresses

 /all           the above +
                 hostname, MAC address,
                 DNS server addresses, etc.

 /displaydns    contents of DNS cache

 /showclassid   all DHCP class IDs
                 for adapter

 Management     Action

 /release       release IP address

 /renew         renew IP address

 /flushdns      purge DNS cache

 /registerdns   refresh leases & 
                 reregister DNS

 /setclassid    update DHCP class ID