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Redirected from: Hotmail

Definition: Outlook.com

Microsoft's Web-based email. Formerly Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail, as of April 2013, all users with hotmail.com and live.com email addresses were redirected to outlook.com. Resembling the Outlook client program, Outlook.com provides seamless editing of Office Web Apps attached to email messages. Users can also make a Skype video call while in Outlook.com.

Hotmail Was Always Hot
Hotmail was a very popular Web-based email service. Originally developed by Hotmail Corporation in 1996 and acquired by Microsoft in 1998, Hotmail was available free or paid based on message storage and attachment capacity, security and other features. Later falling under the Windows Live umbrella, Hotmail was officially Windows Live Hotmail, and it was also branded as MSN Hotmail for a while. See Windows Live Mail, Windows Live and Outlook.