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Definition: Apple HomePod

A Siri virtual assistant and wireless speaker from Apple. Introduced in 2017, Apple touted the HomePod as a quality sound system as well as the ideal gateway to the Apple Music service because users can ask Siri to play songs. HomePod is also a hub for controlling lights and accessories in the automated home (see smart home).

When more HomePods are added, the devices communicate with each other to balance and control the sound. A subsequent update let two HomePods be configured as left and right speakers for stereo.

The HomePod mini Superseded the Original
In 2020, Apple debuted a junior version of the HomePod with similar functionality. At a third the cost, the HomePod minis are spheres half the size and 1/7th the weight of the original HomePod. See smart speaker, virtual assistant and smart home.

The Colorful HomePod Minis
As of 2021, the colorful minis are the current HomePods from Apple. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

Inside the Original HomePod
Encased in a mesh shell, the first HomePod listened for commands from six microphones. Although praised for its excellent sound, a pair cost $600, which proved too costly for the average household. It was discontinued in 2021. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)