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Definition: HDS

(1) See HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

(2) (Hitachi Data Systems, Santa Clara, CA, www.hds.com) A leading provider of high-end storage hardware, software and services. Part of the Information Systems & Telecommunications Division of Hitachi Ltd., HDS was founded in 1989 when Hitachi and EDS acquired National Advanced Systems (NAS) from National Semiconductor and renamed it Hitachi Data Systems. NAS was formed in 1979 when National Semiconductor took over Itel's Computer Products Group, which had been selling National's IBM-compatible mainframes. Later, NAS ceased manufacturing and marketed systems from Hitachi. For many years, HDS sold IBM-compatible mainframes, but later exited the business.

An HDS Mainframe
Hitachi Data Systems sold its Skyline series of IBM-compatible mainframes to Fortune 500 companies. (Image courtesy of Hitachi Data Systems.)