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Definition: HDBaseT

A digital interface for consumer electronic devices that uses Cat 5e or Cat 6 network cables and RJ-45 sockets. Governed by the HDBaseT Alliance (www.hdbaset.org) and introduced in 2010, HDBaseT was designed to replace HDMI, electrical power and Ethernet cables in home entertainment systems. It offers a "5Play feature set" that includes HD video, audio, 100 Mbps Ethernet (100Base-T), power and control signals. HDBaseT cables can extend 100 meters, and up to eight devices can be daisy chained for a combined length of 800 meters.

One Common Cable
Modern consumer electronic devices have several ports. For example, along with other video inputs for compatibility, a smart TV has HDMI and Ethernet connections. With an HDBaseT-equipped TV, a single cable can power the set (up to 100 watts) while sending it video from HDMI sources and video and data from the home network. See HDMI, 100Base-T and cable categories.

One Plug and Socket
Using common Ethernet RJ-45 plugs, sockets and cables, HDBaseT delivers video, Internet and power to TVs and other consumer equipment.