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Definition: Google Nest

A virtual assistant, wireless speaker and music streamer from Google. Nest products are Google's counterpart to Amazon's Echo (Alexa) and were one of the first products to use Google's latest virtual assistant (see Google Assistant). Ask Google Nest to set a timer as well as any question you would ask Google. See Amazon Echo.

Home Became Nest
Introduced in 2016 as Google Home, the Home moniker was later changed to unify the Nest brand that Google acquired in 2014.

Google Nest streams music via YouTube Music, Spotify and other services. It can control lights and household devices and also connect to other Nest speakers in different rooms. Like Alexa, Nest units use Wi-Fi and can reside almost anywhere.

Nest Mini & Nest Audio (Home Mini & Home Max)
With better sound quality, the Nest Mini and larger Nest Audio are rebranded versions of the Home Mini and Home Max, which came out in 2017.

Nest Hub/Nest Hub Max Smart Display (Home Hub)
In 2018, the Home Hub was introduced with a 7" screen and centralized control of smart home devices. Rebranded as Nest Hub a year later, the larger Nest Hub Max debuted with a 10" screen and video calling camera. See smart display and smart home.

Nest Audio and Home
Units such as the Google Nest Audio (top) and the original Google Home (bottom) go anywhere in a room where AC power is available. (Top image courtesy of Google.)

Lenovo Smart Display
Based on Google Assistant, Lenovo's 8" and 10" Smart Displays are used to get answers, watch videos, make video calls and control smart devices. Like Google Nest and Home, "Hey Google" wakes the unit. (Image courtesy of Lenovo.)