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Definition: Galaxy S7 Edge

A Samsung Galaxy S7 phablet with a screen that wraps slightly around the left and right side of the device. Both edges can be used by an app to display a notification, and they can be customized by the user to quickly display a variety of icons no matter which app is front and center. This brings taskbar-like functionality to the phone. Introduced with the Galaxy S7 in April 2016, the Edge has a 5.5" screen compared to the 5.1" display on the regular S7. See Galaxy S.

S7 Edge Features
Consuming very little power, the date, time and battery level can be always be displayed (top). No matter which app is running, swiping left from the right edge (in this example) rotates up to nine columns of icons for favorite apps, contacts, Web pages, sports results and other functions chosen by the user. The Edge feature was carried over to both of the subsequent S8 models. See Galaxy S.