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Definition: QFP

(Quad FlatPack) A square, surface mount chip package that has leads on all four sides and comes in several varieties. PQFP (Plastic QFP) may refer to all of the following QFP types. All quad flatpacks use gull-wing leads, except for the CQFP, which stick straight out.

From QFP to BGA
As pin counts in QFPs reached a couple hundred and more, the long rows of pins became unwieldy and gave way to the more robust ball grid interconnections (see BGA). See flatpack, gull-wing lead and chip package.

    MQFP   Metric QFP (most popular)
    FQFP   Fine pitch QFP
    BQFP   Bumpered QFP
    LQFP   Low-profile QFP
    TQFP   Thin-profile QFP
    SQFP   Shrink QFP (same as MQFP)

    CQFP   Ceramic QFP

Quad Flatpack
QFPs come in a variety of sizes and types. Notice the gull-wing leads on both of these chips.