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Definition: Marconi

(Marconi Communications, Warrendale, PA, www.marconi.com) A leading manufacturer of networking equipment. Founded in 1990 as FORE Systems by four Carnegie Mellon University faculty members, the company name was derived from its founders' first names: Francois, Onat, Robert and Eric. FORE commercialized the ATM market and its products were widely deployed by large enterprises and carriers alike. In late 1999, the company was acquired by Marconi plc of London and became its Marconi Communications division. In 2006, Ericsson acquired Marconi for its telecommunications equipment and international services business. See ATM.

The Founding Four
The founders of Marconi Communications (FORE Systems) start with Onat Menzilcioglu at the top left and go clockwise to Eric Cooper, Robert Sansom and Francois Bitz. (Image courtesy of Marconi Communications.)

Far Out
Everyone does a double take when they arrive at Marconi Communications headquarters, thinking that an earthquake just hit Western Pennsylvania. Having been used as the set for TV spots and movies, the architecture is just as "far out" on the inside. (Image courtesy of Marconi Communications.)