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Definition: FIDO

(1) For email, see FidoNet.

(2) (Fast IDentity Online) A technology from the FIDO Alliance that authenticates a user logging into an online service using biometric ID or a PIN instead of entering username and password.

Passkeys = Face, Fingerprint, PIN or USB Key
Introduced in 2013, user input is called a "passkey." The biometric protocol is the Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) and PIN/USB key is Universal Second Factor (U2F). See two-factor authentication and USB key.

FIDO2 uses WebAuthn (Web Authentication specification) and FIDO's CTAP (client-to-authentication protocol) to enable smartphones to work as authenticators. See WebAuthn.

There Is Major Support
In May 2022, Apple, Google and Microsoft announced support of FIDO. A "passwordless" future with guaranteed security for every user would be welcomed with great enthusiasm.

FIDO Client/Server Interaction
When a user opens an account, the FIDO client registers with the provider's server. At login, the server sends the FIDO client a challenge, which is a value that will be returned encrypted with a digital signature. See public key cryptography and digital signature.

A FIDO-Certified USB Key
This YubiKey FIPS is certified for FIDO second-factor authentication, and it meets federal standards (see FIPS 140-2). (Image courtesy of Yubico, www.yubico.com)