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Definition: FHD

(Full High Definition) A screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, which is the HDTV standard. FHD+ is 2220x1080 pixels. Most TVs over 32" are FHD, and most computer screens are at least FHD.

FHD mean 1080p resolution, not interlaced 1080i (see progressive scan). The "Full HD" and "Full HDTV" designations are used to contrast 1080p TVs and monitors from the lower 720p screens. See FHD+, DTV, 1080p, 4K TV and screen resolution.

FHD and FHD+ Screen Resolutions
In the Galaxy S7 smartphone (top) and S8 (bottom), the screen resolution can be reduced to save battery.

Full HD Designation
This laptop screen supports 1080p resolution. While most computer screens are at least 1080p today, many were not in the past, and the Full HD moniker was a selling point.