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Definition: Gizmodo

A popular blog about consumer electronics devices from Gawker Media, a successful online media company with other blogs on technology, as well as local news, sports, women's interests and gaming. Launched in 2002, the original editor of Gizmodo, Peter Rojas, moved to Weblogs, Inc. to found Engadget.

Engadget is a competing blog published in English and several European and Asian languages. The Weblog network that includes Engadget has blogs on myriad other subjects as well. In 2005, Weblogs was purchased by AOL. For more information, visit www.gizmodo.com and www.engadget.com.

Brief Suspense
In the spring of 2010, Gizmodo got a hold of a prototype 4th-generation iPhone by purchasing it from someone who found it forgotten in a bar. Apple made a big stink about it, and, for a brief moment, there was buzz that somebody could go to jail. Thus far, the "hardened criminals" at Gizmodo are still free and roaming the streets!