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Definition: Echo Show

An Amazon Echo (Alexa) device with a screen. Debuting in 2017, there have been four new Show models. In 2021, the Echo Show 10 3G has the best camera and speakers. The visual output of the Show enables video calls, video playback and the convenience of reviewing and changing settings directly on the device rather than the Alexa app. Following are the Echo Show models. See Amazon Echo.
                      Screen      Camera
 Date   Model      Size    Res.     MP

 2017  Show 1G      7.0"  1024x600   5
 2018  Show 10 2G  10.1"  1280x800   5
 2019  Show 5       5.5"   960x480   1
 2019  Show 8       8.0"  1280x800   1
 2021  Show 10 3G  10.1"  1280x800  13

A Kitchen Companion
The Show models are often found in the kitchen to record and display a grocery list. This Echo Show 8, like other Show models, supports both wired and wireless connections to the Internet.

Connected Via Ethernet
The Echo Show in the above example has Wi-Fi turned off and reaches the home network via an Ethernet cable. This adapter converts Ethernet to USB and connects to the Show via the Micro USB port in the back of the unit. The third wire powers the adapter.