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Definition: EthereumMax

A cryptocurrency endorsed by Kim Kardashian in June 2021 on her Instagram account. Using the EMAX symbol, EthereumMax was touted as a "culture token," whereby token holders would have special access to outstanding restaurants and clubs as well as casino games on the EthereumMax website. EthereumMax is like thousands of other crypto tokens hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. See Ethereum and crypto token.

The crypto was launched with two quadrillion tokens, and 400 trillion were "burned" (destroyed) by the EthereumMax community, which ostensibly made the tokens more valuable. Kardashian reaches more than 300 million people on Instagram, and since her recommendation, the crypto lost nearly 98% of its value. Many followers lost their entire investment, and as a result, Kardashian paid a $1.26 million fine levied by the SEC because she did not mention that she was paid to promote the tokens. See crypto misfortunes.

EthereumMax in October 2022
On the CryptoCompare information portal, the value of EMAX is stated in USDT stablecoins, which are roughly equal to the U.S. dollar. Needless to say, it would take a lot of EMAX tokens to buy a cup of coffee. See CryptoCompare.