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Definition: Edge

(1) See edge network, edge router and edge AI.

(2) The Web browser in Windows 10. See Edge browser.

(3) A wrap-around screen feature in earlier Samsung smartphones (see Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge).

(4) (EDGE) (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution/Global Evolution) A digital data service provided by GSM carriers worldwide. Debuting in 2003 and also called "Enhanced GPRS" (EGPRS), EDGE was a 2.5G technology that was part of the 3G specification. Superseding GPRS, EDGE users experienced downstream data rates from 100 Kbps to 1 Mbps. When 3G or 4G service was unavailable, smartphones dropped down to the slower EDGE service. See cellular generations, Wi-Fi vs. cellular, GSM, GPRS, TDMA and UWC-136.

Dual Support
If an iPhone 3G found a 3G cell tower, it used the higher HSDPA speed. However, it throttled down to EDGE (E) if a 3G HSDPA channel was not available. See HSPA.