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Definition: DLNA

(Digital Living Network Alliance) Founded in 2003 as the Digital Home Working Group, the DLNA (www.dlna.org) sets guidelines for using the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol to transfer and stream media between computers, mobile devices and home theater equipment. The DLNA also provides product certification for vendors. Content stored on a local network (IP, Ethernet and Wi-Fi) can be discovered and streamed to connected players. See Internet Protocol, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and UPnP.

 Device                 Common
 Type  (M=mobile)       Examples
 DMS server        PC, NAS, media server,
 M-DMS             smartphone, iPod

 DMP player        TV, home theater
 M-DMP             smartphone, tablet

 DMC controller    PC, media server
 M-DMC             smartphone

 DMR renderer      TV, wireless speakers

 M-DMU uploader    smartphone, camera
 M-DMD downloader  iPod

 DMPr printer      networked printer

DLNA Alphabet Soup
A player (DMP/M-DMP) locates and "pulls" content from a server (DMS/M-DMS), whereas a renderer (DMR) receives "pushed" content directed by a controller (DMC/M-DMC).