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Definition: digital jukebox

(1) Software for managing music files. Also called a "digital music manager," "music manager," or just "jukebox," it lets users organize MP3 and other audio files into playlists and play the songs. The functions of digital jukeboxes have been merged into media players such as Windows Media Player and iTunes. See media player.

(2) (Dell Digital Jukebox) A family of digital music players from Dell. The Pocket DJ, DJ 20 and DJ 30 were hard disk players with 5, 20 and 30GB of storage respectively. The DJ Ditty was a 512MB flash-based model. Made by Creative Technology, Dell discontinued the Digital Jukebox line in 2006.

(3) A peripheral device that holds multiple storage modules (see jukebox).

(4) A home theater music player that stores digital music and movie files on a hard disk. It contains a CD/DVD drive for copying source material and may use a keyboard and screen for management and control. A home theater jukebox supports some combination of media formats such as MP3, AAC and FLAC audio and MPEG-2 and H.264 video. It is also used to rip CDs to the hard disk.

A Server, Not a Jukebox
If the device provides the ability to access files in a computer over the network, it is more likely called a "media server" or "media hub." See digital media hub and digital media server.