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Definition: DVD storage capacities

Following are the storage capacities of the standard definition DVD and high-definition Blu-ray formats. See DVD, Blu-ray and DTV.

   SD = Standard Definition
   HD = High Definition

   1S/1L = Single sided/Single layer
   1S/2L = Single sided/Double layer
   2S/1L = Double sided/Single layer
   2S/2L = Double sided/Double layer

 Type                     Capacity

 Read Only DVD

 DVD-Video/DVD-ROM  1S/1L   4.7GB DVD-5
 DVD-Video/DVD-ROM  1S/2L   8.5GB DVD-9
 DVD-Video/DVD-ROM  2S/1L   9.4GB DVD-10
 DVD-Video/DVD-ROM  2S/2L  17.0GB DVD-18

 Read Only Blu-ray

 Blu-ray (BD-ROM)   1S/1L  25.0GB
 Blu-ray (BD-ROM)   1S/2L  50.0GB
 Blu-ray (BD-ROM)   2S/1L  50.0GB

 Write Once DVD

 DVD-R (A)          1S/1L   4.7GB
 DVD-R (G)          1S/1L   4.7GB
 DVD-R (G)          2S/1L   9.4GB
 DVD-R DL           1S/2L   8.5GB
 DVD+R              1S/1L   4.7GB
 DVD+R DL           1S/2L   8.5GB

 Write Once Blu-ray

 Blu-ray (BD-R)     1S/1L  25.0GB
 Blu-ray (BD-R)     1S/2L  50.0GB
 See Blu-ray.

 Re-Recordable DVD (1,000 cycles)

 DVD-RW             1S/1L   4.7GB
 DVD-RW             2S/1L   9.4GB
 DVD+RW             1S/1L   4.7GB
 DVD+RW             2S/1L   9.4GB

 Rewritable DVD (100,000 cycles)

 DVD-RAM Ver. 1     1S/1L   2.6GB
 DVD-RAM Ver. 1     2S/1L   5.2GB
 DVD-RAM Ver. 2     1S/1L   4.7GB
 DVD-RAM Ver. 2     2S/1L   9.4GB
 DVD-RAM (80mm)     1S/1L   1.46GB
 DVD-RAM (80mm)     2S/1L   2.92GB

 Rewritable Blu-ray (10,000 cycles)

 Blu-ray (BD RE)    1S/1L  25.0GB
 Blu-ray (BD RE)    1S/2L  50.0GB
 See Blu-ray.