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Definition: DD-WRT

(DresDen-Wireless RouTer) A Linux-based open source operating system that is available as a firmware upgrade for many wireless routers, and some routers come with DD-WRT pre-installed. Often used to give a performance boost to older routers, in addition to normal router configuration, DD-WRT serves as a network monitoring tool and a scheduler (see cron). It can also reboot the router if access to the Internet slows and even overclock the router for gamers.

Developed in 2005, DD-WRT was based on firmware in the Linksys WRT54G router. It then became an open source project developed and maintained by Sebastian Gottschall (a.k.a BrainSlayer). Gottschall lives in Dresden, Germany, which uses "DD" as a prefix on its vehicle license plates. For more information, visit www.dd-wrt.com. See OpenWrt and HyperWRT.