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Definition: Cover Flow

A sophisticated 3D file viewer in Apple products that smoothly transitions from one image to the next. In the iPhone, iPod touch and iTunes software, Cover Flow displays music album covers. In the Mac, starting with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Cover Flow provides an optional viewing mode in Finder for all file types, including videos and multi-page documents. See file viewer.

Cover Flow in Finder
Far and away the most polished file viewing mode in any operating system, images zoom large as they transition from side to center. Although a scroll bar appears in Finder's Cover Flow mode, the Arrow keys can be used, and the images themselves can be clicked. In touchscreen iPods and iPhones, images are scrolled only by touching.

Multi-Page Documents
When a multi-page document is selected in Cover Flow, left/right scroll arrows appear to allow the user to flip through the pages.