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Definition: Commit Charge

The amount of virtual memory Windows is currently using, as reported in the Task Manager dialog under the Performance tab. The Commit Charge fluctuates as applications are opened and closed. TOTAL shows the current amount of virtual memory used, which comprises main memory (RAM) and disk (pagefile). TOTAL is also graphed in real time on the Page File Usage History chart. PEAK is the maximum amount this session, while LIMIT is the maximum amount available unless the pagefile is expanded by Windows.

What Is Committed?
Apparently, a certain amount of virtual memory has been "committed." As for "charge," who knows? What we do know is that people who come up with such names should be "committed" to a place prohibiting them from creating user interfaces. They should also be "charged" with dim-witted naming. How about "Virtual Memory Usage" instead of "Commit Charge?"

The Windows Task Manager
Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete displays the Windows Task Manager, which shows the status of applications and processes currently running in the computer. Note that Commit Charge TOTAL and LIMIT amounts are also displayed at the bottom right.