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Definition: Cirus platform

A data ownership platform that pays users for their data from the not-for-profit Cirus Foundation. Founded in 2020, a Cirus browser extension allows users to decide how much data they want to sell. Payment is made in Cirus tokens to the user's digital wallet, and the tokens are exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies or cash. The blockchain-based Cirus Core Platform aggregates the data and the Cirus Confluence Network matches buyers with sellers. Cirus employs the data technology from Cubera International, Inc.

The Crypto World Made It Happen
The Cirus Foundation needed the establishment of blockchain technology to facilitate their concept. The network has to authenticate and secure the user's data along with supporting the billions of micropayments that are expected. The Cirus Layer 2 blockchains handle these transactions and summarize them on the Ethereum network. See Layer 2 blockchain.

The Real Ownership Economy Perhaps?
A lot of press in the DeFi community is about crypto enabling the "ownership economy" by creating capital via new tokens as well as loaning or staking crypto for rewards. However, getting paid for one's data, which a person inherently owns, is a revolutionary approach to using the Internet and may foster the "real" ownership economy. See DeFi.

Another Option
An option for the Cirus platform is to use the Cirus-powered router and have the platform's functionality built into state-of-the-art hardware. (Image courtesy of Cirus Foundation, www.cirusfoundation.com)