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Definition: Chromium

Introduced in 2009, two open source software projects are named Chromium: a browser and an operating system. Google's extremely popular Chrome browser, and the Chromebook's Chrome OS were derived from Chromium. For more information, visit www.chromium.org. See Chrome browser and Chromebook.

Chromium Browser
Source code is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The browser comprises two modules: the browser user interface and the WebKit rendering engine. The engine executes the Web page in a sandbox to prevent illegal system calls, and it interacts with the user interface via interprocess communications. If a Web app crashes, Chromium is able to cancel that operation and keep running. See WebKit.

Chromium Operating System
The Linux-based Chromium OS is geared for Web applications, and its user interface is actually the Chromium browser. Various versions have been introduced with names like Cherry, Zero, Flow and Vanilla Login. In 2012, software that compiles and installs a build for developers on a USB drive was released. See Cloud Ready.