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Definition: CDE Help Lessons

Lessons are lists of terms about a topic. They contain only major terms and serve as a springboard to others.

View a Lesson
To view a lesson, select REVIEW from the Lessons menu and click the name. To move up and down the list, click NEXT and PREV. To see all the terms, click LIST, and to go to the first term, click TOP. When finished, click DONE.

Automatically Create a Lesson
To create your own lesson list, select CREATE from the Lessons menu. Type in a brief description of the list and add terms by looking them up and clicking ADD ENTRY LAST LOOKED UP. You cannot just scroll to a term. You must "look up" the term first and then click ADD ENTRY LAST LOOKED UP for each term. Your lessons are stored as CDE000nn.LSN files, and you can edit them later.

Manually Create a Lesson
Use a text editor to create a lesson file with a .LSN extension. The first line must include the words LESSON TITLE:, followed by a description, and the description and file name do not have to match. Put a different term on each subsequent line.
     LESSON TITLE: description
     term name
     term name
     term name

Edit a Lesson
To modify a lesson, select EDIT from the Lessons menu. The lesson will open in your text editor. Our lists change from time to time. Therefore, if you want to add terms to one of our lessons, make a copy of the lesson file with a different name, and use that instead. Otherwise, the original lesson may be overwritten.

Delete a Lesson
To delete a lesson file, click DELETE from the Lessons menu. However, our lessons will be updated and therefore re-installed with new versions.

Lesson Files Subfolder Location
To find out where your Lessons are stored, select PATH from the Lessons menu.