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Definition: Bluetooth glossary

Many Bluetooth terms sprang up after Bluetooth cellphones became popular, some not so welcome by users. A brief summary follows. See Bluetooth and wireless glossary.

Sending a message from one Bluetooth phone to another. See Bluejacking.

Extracting data from a person's Bluetooth phone. See Bluesnarfing.

Sending spam to a user's Bluetooth phone. See spam.

Listening in on a phone conversation via Bluetooth. See Bluebugging.

Broadcasting an advertisement to cellphones in the vicinity that have Bluetooth turned on.

Bluetooth douche
A person who talks loudly on a Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth headphones
Stereo headphones for music. See Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth headset
An in-ear cellphone headset. See Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth LE
Low-power version introduced in Bluetooth 4. See Bluetooth LE.

Bluetooth pairing
Synchronizing Bluetooth devices such as a headset and cellphone. See Bluetooth pairing.

Bluetooth profiles
The Bluetooth specifications that support the different types of media transmitted (voice, music, video, etc.). See Bluetooth profiles.

Bluetooth Smart/Smart Ready
Bluetooth branding. See Bluetooth LE.

Bluetooth virus
Planting a virus in a Bluetooth phone. See Bluetooth virus and Cabir.

Personal Area Network
Short-distance networks such as Bluetooth. See personal area network and WPAN.

wireless adapter
A device that adapts a Bluetooth product to a non-Bluetooth computer or cellphone. See Wireless adapter.