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Definition: BDXL

(Blu-ray Disc EXtra Large) High-capacity Blu-ray formats designed for professional broadcasting and archival uses. Using three and four layers, BDXL media have more than five times the capacity of the first Blu-ray discs (see below).

BDXL drives may or may not read the earlier formats, but regular Blu-ray drives absolutely do not support BDXL. See Blu-ray.

                          --- Modes --
  Layers        GB  Hours  ROM   RE   R

  Single        25  4.5     X    X    X
  Dual          50    9     X    X    X
  Triple BDXL  100   18          X    X
  Quad BDXL    128   23               X

    ROM = Read Only (pressed movie disc)
     RE = REwritable
      R = Recordable (write once)

Blu-ray Cartridge (1.5TB)
For archival storage, this Sony optical system records onto quad-layer BDXL discs one time only. The plastic unit (top) is a demo cartridge, showing all 12 discs inside.