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Definition: Bixby

Samsung's virtual assistant introduced with the Galaxy S8 smartphones in 2017. Along with a dedicated button residing below the volume buttons, Bixby was designed to command the device by voice and provide an alternative to tapping the screen. A Bixby "Home" app provides news and information replacing Flipboard, which was in the S7 devices.

Bixby Vision
An always-available option in the camera app, Bixby Vision is able to identify images and provide information about them. It can also translate text. Not just for phones and tablets, Bixby and Bixby Vision are expected in other Samsung products. See Viv.

Bixby - What's This?
Bixby Vision on the Galaxy Note 8 correctly identified the Taj Mahal.

Bixby - Translate This
Using Google Translate, Bixby Vision converted the German text into English for this cleaning product.