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Definition: B

(1) A programming language derived from BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language). Developed in the late 1960s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, B was the precursor to C and C++, two major programming languages. See C and BCPL.

(2) (Byte) The letter "B" is used for "byte" when the number of bytes is less than one thousand; for example, "each record is 800B long (800 bytes long)." See space/time.

    B  =  byte
    KB =  kilobyte   (thousand bytes)
    MB =  megabyte   (million bytes)
    GB =  gigabyte   (billion bytes)
    TB =  terabyte   (trillion bytes)
    PB =  quadrabyte (quadrillion bytes)
    EB =  exabyte    (quintillion bytes)
    ZB =  zettabyte  (sextillion bytes)