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Definition: Windows Presentation Foundation

The user interface subsystem in Windows, starting with Vista and Windows Server 2008. Part of the .NET Framework 3.0 programming interface (API) and formerly code-named Avalon, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) exploits advanced 3D graphics capabilities in modern machines. For example, the Aero interface provides translucent window borders. A more basic look and feel is displayed on machines with less-sophisticated graphics hardware.

Greater Text Support
WPF supports more sophisticated text handling than previous Windows versions. Opening up all the features of OpenType and TrueType fonts, it gives the developer more flexibility in rendering text.

A Unified Interface
By sending all windows and graphics through the DirectX subsystem, WPF unifies all multimedia elements, including audio, video and animation. WPF natively supports vector graphics, which enables images to be scaled accurately to the current window size (see vector graphics). See XAML, .NET Framework and Silverlight.